«40 Years Of Smoking Drums»

15 micro concerts and 3 slammin’ Gelee Royal sessions within 3 days march 4/5/6 2016 – Porgy&Bess Music Club / Vienna www.porgy.at

I feel deeply touched, very grateful and honored to celebrate my 40th stage anniversary as a drummer with some of the most outstanding and slammin’ musicians and artists on this planet i was blessed to make music and magic happen with over the past decades, including some of my dearest friends and family.

Dear people and friends of killin’ great Live! music, dear night owls, street cats, underdogs and party animals, dear princesses, dancing queens and queens of the night, 3 nights with 15 various artists and bands, which i had the honor creating pure music magic with over the past 40 years. that definitely requires quite a bit of funding in order to pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms and catering for those tortured hungry artist souls and all the helping and supporting hands. I also have the goal to record the concerts properly and maybe even get them on video happening since something as special as that does not happen every day. NOW – right here YOU have the chance to get some quite special and unique goodies and, by doing that, help us to make this musical journey a true success for both the artists and YOU, the audience ;) I am very grateful and thankful for each and every goody you collect here in order to support us and our mission. Especially I,m looking forward to meet each and everyone of you wonderful people for real in person at least on one of these three nights at the most beautiful Porgy & Bess music club in the heart of downtown Vienna . love, peace and happiness and thank you from the bottom of my heart, der aX

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Friday, March 4

  • »HARRI STOJKA« featuring PETER STRUTZENBERGER on bass & aX
  • intimate encounters
  • Exclusiv: «THOMAS DAVID» & aX «
  • Exclusiv: «YOSSI FINE» & aX
  • Exclusiv: «BARTOLOMEY BITTMANN» feat. MATTHIAS BARTOLOMEY (cello), KLEMENS BITTMANN (mandola,violin) & aX

LATE NITE GELEE ROYAL SESSION w/ special guests & friends & DJs tba.

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Saturday, March 5

  • Exclusiv REUNION: «CAFÉ DRECHSLER» feat.ULRICH DRECHSLER (Sax & Bass Clarinet) , OLIVER STEGER (bass) & ZUZEE (spinning wheels) and aX
  • «DOUBLE TROUBLE» feat. my son ALJOSHA PFEIFER on guitar & drums
  • Exclusiv: from Tel Aviv «KAMA KAMILA» feat.YOSSI FINE (bass) & aX

LATE NIGHT GELEE ROYAL SESSION w/ special guests & friends DJ SHALOM & ZUZEE on the wheels of steel

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Sunday, March 6

  • Exclusiv: «MATTHIEU MICHEL 5» feat. MARTIN REITER (keys), CHRISTOPH BERNEWITZ (git), PETER HERBERT (bass), w/special guest FLOWIN’ IMMO (voc) & aX
  • Exclusiv: «MARTIN KLEIN» (voc, piano),PETER HERBERT (bass) & aX
  • Exclusiv: «MELANIE BONG» & aX
  • «GROOVE» feat. HARRY SOKAL (sax), RAPHAEL WRESSNIG (hammond B3) & aX
  • PREMIERE: proudly presenting my brandnew Band «ALEX & THE CANDY KILLERS» featuring BINA BONELLI, MARJORIE ETUKUDO, JUJU ERHARTER , CLARA MONTOCCHIO (voc) , MARIA LEUBOLT (bass) and friends Special Guest: RAPHAEL WRESSNIG (hammond B3)

LATE NIGHT GELEE ROYAL SESSION w/special guests & friends & DJs tba.

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