Help us furnish the vacant apartments: Furniture, refrigerator, heater, dishes, other furnishings to make it homelike, safe and secure.

CHF 1’185

118% of CHF 1’000

118 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/4/2023

This is what it's all about.

My closest relatives in Turkey have lost everything because of the earthquake and are left with nothing. A total of 18 people (whom we had visited in Adıyaman on New Year’s Day) are now scattered throughout Turkey, staying with acquaintances and relatives. They have lost everything, and it borders on a miracle that they are all alive. My hometown of Adıyaman effectively no longer exists.

Particularly sadly affected by the earthquake is my cousin and her two children (13 and 9 years old), who have since taken temporary shelter in a vacant apartment in Kuşadası. Until March 10 (for 2 weeks), my daughter and I are spending time with them.

In this project, I am raising money for a total of 18 people. Concrete support for 5 families and 3 children.

They are not the «Doctors Without Borders» or «Red Crescent», but they are people with their own children, caregiver, teacher, room attendant, with more aunts/uncles, cousins. They stood with their own feet in life and stand by the people around them. Furthermore, they themselves support their environment wherever they can.

My project is special because ...

There are many projects and aid organizations, and they are needed.

The 1st aid, respectively disaster relief, has already taken place.

Now it is no longer about disaster relief, now it is about stabilizing the situation. The circumstances are all still chaotic. Since some parents are state employees, nurses and teachers, they have to go back to Adıyaman from the state and do their part. They are happy to do so. But the children stay in Kuşadası. There they were re-enrolled in school. Now, again, it requires someone to take care of the children. We also want to support them. Since my own family is affected, it is obvious to finance them directly. Besides the moral and psychological support and my visit of 2 weeks after the earthquake, this financial support is very concrete and immediate.

Our savings have already been exhausted with the 1st aid.

This is what I need backing for.

Furnishings, childcare service, toys, money for bureaucratic concerns … longer-term relief, so that they are supported in the setup and can achieve some normality again.

First I wanted to collect 5’000.- per family, so a total of 25’000.-. But the success of the project is more important to me than to fail because of overconfidence.

Whatever is donated over and above this will always benefit those affected in Turkey.