We Keep The 80s Alive!

In the era of CDs or MP3 downloads some interesting music from the 80s was lost since it was not digitized to date. Artists like «A Drop in the Gray» or something from «The Sound» is still heard on vinyl record only. 80s Forever Radio is for such musical gems and brings them back to the surface. Many long-forgotten albums are on 80s Forever Radio and can be heard and rediscovered in top quality. The 80s radio for those who wish to discover yet another side of the 80s!

80s Forever Radio was launched to life by the founders of the 80s Forever Party (Pete Greub). The idea is simple. Mainly 80s songs are played and songs from other radio stations are not even up for discussion because they are either too long, too weird, or simply unknown. The thousands of hits by «Madonna» and «Michael Jackson» will be omitted, since the motto «We Keep the 80s Alive» is the variety of music to be preserved for this decade.

Save the 80s!

You can actively help to ensure that the generation after us not only combines «Modern Talking», «Rick Astley» and «Sandra» with the sound of the eighties. There was still so much more, music history was made!

To running the radio station in good quality and without ads, many investments were necessary. Our working hours: priceless! But for the cost of equipment such as the powerful radio servers, special software and of course the over 5000 songs, we need your support!

You can support our work by clicking on the green button and choose an amount with or without reward. You will help also by informing your friends so that they know about our project. Even so they can actively help the musical gems of the 80s still resound in our ears!