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Kilian Deisslers Band 9-Point-Inc. is going on tour through Switzerland with their fresh program «Kick the square». one tap dancer, 6 instruments and a mobile tap dancing stage with 9 different sounds

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Clôturé avec succès le 28.9.2017

Tour 2017/18

We want to bring our music to you and go with our first program «Kick the square» on tour through Switzerland.

what a concert experience!

9-Point-Inc. is a young ensemble, founded and led by swiss composer Kilian Deissler. With «Kick the square» the audience is being led into an amazing show, performed by clarinet, saxpphon, accordion, bass, trombone, trumpet and their tap dancer Daniel Borak. They also use a mobile tap dancing stage with 9 square, each of a different sound.

how to get on tour ?!

We are 9 people,2 cars, 1 car trailer and 6 instruments. We want to be able to pay the concert venue´s rents, travel expenses, advertisement … and if everything works out, even some gage to the participants. Please help us to fulfill our dream and we promise you exciting and thrilling concerts on highest quality level !