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A 4WD for archaeology

Neanderthals, Neolithic, Celts, Romans, Teutons, Slavs, Avars once populated the European area. The traces of these and many other peoples are found below ground - walls, post holes, fire pits, places of sacrifice, artefacts such as weapons, household items, cult vessels and sometimes even sumptuous treasures.

Many people are fascinated by the archeology of our continent and have a solid knowledge of the history of Europe, but they have been denied participation in scientific excavations due to a lack of relevant studies.

ARGE Archeology has been bringing interested lay people directly in contact with archeology for more than ten years. The association is supported by archaeologists, building researchers, historians, travel and communication professionals.

It works like this: In ARGE archeology research camps, amateurs can actively participate in high-class research excavations in European universities - otherwise laymen are hardly able to do so. One to several-weeks stay offers three learning modules:

THEORY: Introduction of the applied archaeological techniques as well as the project organization of an excavation, lectures on the historical background of the respective excavation and the examined ancient culture, discussions with archaeologists, students, restorers.

PRACTICE: daily professionally supervised participation in the excavation, surveying exercises, fund analysis, retrieval and documentation.

EXCURSIONS: Visiting and discussing archaeological sites of the nearer area in the context of the particular excavation.

Participating in an academic digging camp costs participants about as much as a traditional study trip, but brings much more knowledge, a real «look behind the scenes of archeology» and deep personal experiences.

The mostly sub-excavated excavations sites, in return, receive a fixed share of the resulting tourist revenues and thus finance urgently needed scientific personnel, better equipment, more in-depth investigations of the salvaged artefacts and professional publications of the excavation results for the interested public.

Likewise, ARGE Archeology offers special study trips in cooperation with archaeological institutes such as DAI and ÖAI. Here, too, the researchers or institutions visited profit from participation in the income.

Over the years, ARGE Archeology successfully carried out a large number of archaeological excavation camps and study trips, and made a significant part of archeology directly available.

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Remembering history

«Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. «(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Santayana)


Why we turn to the Wemakeit community

The archaeological excavations of our partner universities often take place in dense forests, on loamy fields or rugged rock plateaus. With our minibuses, the transport of the excavation participants is cumbersome sometimes. Therefore, we would like to guarantee our excavation participants more comfort for the coming 2018 season with an additional all-terrain vehicle (pickup).

We need support to do so.

For the purchase of a proper pickup we need a budget of € 19.000, - (purchase price, surcharge hardtop because valuable equipment like surveying equipment has to be transported etc.). This is a more than significant amount for our small organisation, which would be missing elsewhere. Therefore we ask you in the name of archeology for friendly support of our project. As rewards we offer you certainly something nice, useful or exciting - but always inspirited by archaeology.

Our Partners

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