OHNE AUGUST an a cappella opera

On the 19th and 20th of february 2022 the project management team of the Vienna Lakeside Music Academy (VLMA), the music association of Vienna’s region «Seestadt Aspern» brings a special music theatre piece to life, which Austrian composer Theresa Hemedinger and conductor Bernhard Jaretz have created. The piece with the title «OHNE AUGUST» with a libretto by Christoph Braendle offers a unique feature. The customary orchestra of the opera genre will completely be replaced by a choir. The audience hereby gets the chance to immerse in a unique sound, that has never been heard before.

Not only did we succeed in finding a high qualitiy choir cast, both on stage and in the orchestra pit, but furthermore we were sucessful with inviting internationaly renowned soloists such as Ursula Langmayr, Martin Mairinger, Christian Kotsis, Cornelia Sonnleithner, Magdalena Hallste, Bernd Hemedinger and many more. Aside from that also the performance venue will be a special one. The newly built state-of-the-art location «Kulturgarage» in the Viennese region «Seestadt» will firstly open its doors for this world premiere, staged by Georg Zlabinger.

As this unique and outstanding production embodies a true lighthouse project for the VLMA, also the effort and expense is enormous. In order to be able to realize this production, we are relying on your help within this crowdfunding campaign.

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This project is special because ...

The a cappella opera OHNE AUGUST ist the worldwide first music theatre piece, in which no instruments are used. The internationally renowned soloists and the scenicly appearing stage choir will be accompanied by an orchestra choir.

This orchestra choir can’t be compared to a conventional orchestra. The sound of this accompanying formation is not about a «true-to-original» adaption of orchestra instruments. Rather it is a compound of various aspects that make it so unique. The main function of the orchestra choir lies within the accompaniment. The orchestra choir doesn’t itself transport a linguistic message, but rather supports the intended atmosphere by the use of percussive and tonal accompanying syllables.

The tonal language lies between familiar contemporary music, yes even popular choral music and the monody-like orientation of modern music theaters. Hereby a clear, tonal, but quite sophisticated sound of contemporary music, whilst always focussing upon the comprehensibility on the sung lyrics.


This is what we need backing for.

With this crowdfunding campaign we want to collect the required funds for a worthy opening production on the stage of the Kulturgarage. For your contribution you receive small goodies up to big packages, which are suitable both for music and culinary enthusiasts.

Besides dedications in our program booklet and signed posters, we offer wine packages from the popular Austrian vintner, our special edition rosemary liqueur «Rosenkron», as well as overnight stays in the Freigut Thalern hotel with 3-course-menus.