A CD for «Belle and Bass»

«Small band, big effect» – this perfectly describes Belle and Bass, a driven and motivated young duo. In their minimalistic yet melodious style, they not only breathe new life into classic pop songs, but also play their own compositions. The unique combination of vocals and bass lends each song a special touch – perfect for romantic and festive concerts and occasions.

Our first album

After many band practises and numerous concerts over the last three years, we have set ourselves a new goal: our first album. It will include cover versions of songs by Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Sam Smith and many more along with some of our own songs. We specifically arranged the songs for vocals and bass. We have also recorded them exactly as you would hear them in one of our live performances (i.e. without any additional instruments). The last six months have been spent in the studio. Now we are ready for mixing, mastering, CD design and production to begin. But that requires funds and here’s where you come in!


As a thank you for your support, you will have a long list of rewards to choose from depending on the amount committed: cool shirts with our logo (you can even choose the colour), a CD signed by the band or even a 60 minute performance at the event of your choice, to name but a few. For XXX CHF, we will record your favorite song or surprise your loved ones with a personalised birthday song. There are many rewards to choose from, so go ahead and explore the list: