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This is what it's all about

We are more than happy to study Eurythmie at Eurythmeum CH.

Eurythmy is a performing art that makes the elements of language and music - consonants, vowels, rhythm, melos and much more - visible.

Now, as first year students, we have the chance to get a unique Eurythmie-dress for our first performance.

Because of Maria, a skilled tailor, who will take one week to stitch a dress for each and everyone of us, this can become reality.

We want to make a balanced and harmonic impression and especially during our first performances you shall see from inside and outside that «we are a community».

Now funding for such an effort differs in our class from student to student.

But we want to support each other and seeking a way to make it happen that everyone can own a dress.

Please support us to fulfill that goal and put a smile on many faces with a beautiful Eurythmie dress. Even small amounts are highly appreciated. Many thanks!


Our project is special because

The special chance to get a unique and yet uniform Eurythmie-dress, which will enable us to represent harmonically during our first performance and strengthen our community.


This is what we need backing for

We would be happy to crowdfund a piece of the urgently needed budget (1650 CHF) of tailoring these dresses.