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A Farm for Better Inner Balance

The crowd-funding money will be used to fund a new roof on the farmhouse. The farm owner, Anita, has had her fair share of experience with burnout, so she decided to qualify as a Burnout Prophylaxis Trainer & to transform her home into a retreat.

Here the focus is to connect with nature. In order for us to offer this precious experience to you, a rain- and snow-proof roof is needed. This is why we are asking for your help!

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Connected with the internet, but not yourself?

We offer a place of peace and quiet. Somewhere you can reconnect with yourself.

If more people are in tune with themselves & able to carry out their life’s purpose with care and passion, we believe the co-existence between humans and nature can be more peaceful too.

A new roof on the farmhouse will allow us to offer you a wonderful facility to do this – the far-reaching, mountain views & cozy interior offer a magical sanctuary for recuperation.

A new roof on MeHuNa’s farmhouse retreat

Your donations will be used for the following purposes:

  • New roof covering
  • Gutter works
  • Lightning protection

Here you’ll find more info:

  1. A collection of further photos
  2. MeHuNa’s homepage

Thank you for your curiosity :)