Integration of adolescent orphans

The aim of the agriculture project is to provide the children and staff at the BAAN DOI Orphanage with fresh, organic food while providing at the same time training and housing opportunities within the BAAN DOI programs. For this a 4 ha big land has been purchased. The land is situated 9.6 km from the BAAN DOI Orphanage. In order to get the workers and material to the field, BAAN DOI needs a used pick-up truck.

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A future for stateless children

BAAN DOI - Home and Healing Center for Children, has been caring for orphans, who don’t have anyone anymore, for over 10 years. Many of them are stateless and therefore have no access to basic medical care or higher education. This is where BAAN DOI comes in. The orphanage, in the northernmost part of Thailand, accommodates 20 children and supports 45 children in their families. The focus is on medical care and education. The long-term goal of BAAN DOI is to integrate the young people into Thai society. In order to give them a better chance in society, the BAAN DOI team does its best to provide opportunities for a good education.

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Pick-up truck

The purchase of a used pick-up truck (Songteaw) is needed for transportation from the orphanage to the field. Help us to give orphans in northern Thailand the prospect of a bright future.

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