A seat in the waiting room

by Rahel Jenny Egger


Our interactive short film is dedicated to capture the repetitive, often stressful and powerless everyday life of asylum seekers in Swiss camps.

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Successfully concluded on 22/5/2024

An authentic insight

The complex debate surrounding integration and asylum issues is polarising. In Switzerland, too, people are busy juggling numbers and figures.

But behind every number lies a fate and the hope of a new beginning. For the people behind the numbers, an application for asylum marks the start of a long, bureaucratic journey into an uncertain future.

The short film «A seat in the waiting room» is intended to provide an insight into the first stage of this journey and show everyday life in Swiss asylum centres.

As it is difficult to obtain permission to film in a centre, the decision was ultimately made to shoot the film as a re-enactment with actors. The film is therefore fictional, but nevertheless strives for a realistic and unadulterated production.

During the development phase of the script, we conducted numerous interviews with (former) asylum seekers and carers. Their accounts and experiences form the basis of all scenes and dialogues.

In general, it is important to us as filmmakers not to speak for the people involved.

Almost all of the people in front of and behind the camera, as well as those advising and accompanying the project, have lived or worked in Swiss asylum centres for some time. They are and remain the voices and faces of the project.

  • Interview - Recherche
    Interview - Recherche

An immersive experience

The interactive elements of the short film are intended to make everyday life in Swiss asylum centres not only visible but also tangible.

Within 10 - max. 20 minutes, viewers go through various moments of the day in the cinematic point-of-view of an asylum seeker. They are repeatedly asked to make decisions. Depending on which option they choose, a different scene is played. They themselves become the main protagonist.

Expected release: August 2024

With your support...

… give people with a refugee background a voice and visibility in the media discourse.

… insights into a reality of life that is difficult to access.

…our team can realise the filming and post-production of the project and hopefully contribute to more education and understanding in relation to discussions about national asylum policy.

Preparations for the shoot in May are almost complete. All that is missing now is the necessary capital to pay for the location as well as the catering, accommodation and travel for all the participants.

By reaching the first stage target of CHF 4,000, we can already cover these costs and definitely realise the shoot.

If we reach the second stage target of CHF 7,000, we would not only be able to cover the minimum expenses, but also compensate the actors, musicians, set runners, post-production assistants, consultants, etc. who have volunteered to date for their work and efforts. for their work and effort.

We would also have the opportunity to expand the distribution plans and promote the film more widely. This would also include a translation into all national languages. For now the original film will only be available in German and English.