This is what it's all about.

Hi! I’m Yari Copt, an entrepreneur, radio host, dj, singer songwriter and lover of outdoor sports.

When I was 25 years old they discovered a tumor of 12 cm in my chest. I was lucky enough to get healthy after 1 long year of cures.

I always wanted to give something back to the young people and the families that are in my same situation so I decided to write a song for for them, and with the song raise some money for Greenhope foundation. Greenhope goal is to give the children who fight against cancer and their families moments of serenity and light-heartedness. They give them the opportunity to live experiences together, to have fun and to know and share their emotions and information with other families that are going through the same difficulties.

I had an idea: I asked 3 parents to write a letter or a few words directed to their now healthy kids and these words inspired me to write the lyrics of the «The Vase of Golden Scars».

One word over all: Kintsugi. The Japanese art of repairing pottery with golden rising. A poignant metaphor that perfectly applies to the now healthy kids that can show with pride their journey and their own golden scars.

The Vase of Golden Scars is written and performed by Yari Copt with the help of Yannick Rinvi (guitars) and Jonas Macullo (piano & keyboards) Recorded, mixed and mastered at Officina Recording Studio (CH)

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My project is special because ...

When I was sick and had to go through chemio and oprations, music was a big help on the journey to healing. After that I always wanted to give something back to help the young sick people and also the people around them. This song is for the people fighting cancer but also for all the people around them that need power, strength and positivity in this journey of hope to heal. As important as that is this crowdfunding as an excuse to raise some money to give to the kids and families supported by Greenhope Foundation.


This is what I need backing for.

All the money coming from this crowdfounding and the sales of the song will be donated to Greenhope foundation. Give how much you can and want and get the song, a thanks card by Yari Copt and Greenhope and some cool Greenhope gadgets. Obviously the biggest reward in this crowdfounding is to GIVE for an incredible, beautiful, meaningful reason.

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