Bring A Song Into The World

We all have a song in our heart, somewhere. We just haven’t all learned where it is yet. Trust me with your thoughts, dreams, frustrations or desires and together we will find the music in them. Or if you prefer, we can take a fantastical journey in storytelling through a land of your choosing. From Greek Mythology to a song about your Grandma, no subject is too big or too small for a good song.

Nearly two decades of song-writing experience

When offering such a service, it is occasionally necessary to toot one’s own horn a bit. I have been writing songs since I was 13 years old (I’ll be 32 this year) and have since released 10 albums and numerous EPs of original and interpreted music. At last count I had written over 200 songs. Along side my extensive conservatory training I have become a self appointed disciple of Franz Schubert, the great prince of song, from whom I feel I have learned the most about the art of song writing.

Recent Song Commissions

I recently completed a large song commission project of 11 songs, commissioned from 11 random people. To give you an idea of what’s possible, here were the various subjects of the songs:

-A Waldviertel love story -Polish boat captain searches for meaning -The story or Icarus -Swedish summer fun -Song for the city of Vienna -Love song for a doctor and a nurse who like heavy metal music -Musical setting of wedding vows -A fiery Tarantella for a newly divorced woman -Song about my sister -Song for a beloved violin professor
-Feminist protest song