You - The Van - Me

You need a Logo, Music for your Video, a license free Photograph or somebody to edit a Film for you? Nowadays you could easily find that online, but with a lot of guidelines, research and many impersonally offers. A personal exchange and conversation is still better.

I want to buy a van to turn it into an office on wheels and use it to create any sort of creative work like, Music, Arts, Design, Photography or Video and Film. Along with it I want to work with many different people to widen my horizon and gain experience without being bound to a certain location. All these advantures I want to capture and document online with video/film and photographies.

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An Office on wheels

With this bus I could easily take a ride and come to you with my whole office. Then we could have a personal conversation about your project and maybe start with it right away! I’m a versatile creator and work in graphic design, video, photography, film productions and also in music. On the bus I could pack all my sketches, ideas, tools, equipment and music instruments. To gain a bigger picture I have put together a list with things I could do or already did:

Logodesign, Invitations, Music-, Event-, Advertising Videos, Social Media Content, Motion Graphics, Flyer, Banner, Poster, Corporate Design, Film, Dj, Music Concert, Songwriting, Webdesign, Photography, Photo Shooting, Video Editing, Logo Animation, Drawings, Illustration and many more…


After high school I went to the school of design and became a graphic designer. Ever since completing my education I’ve worked as a freelancer, intern and employee in Sydney Australia, Switzerland and for people around Europe.

I now want to combine the inspiring aspect of constantly being on the go and seeing new places with my profound skillset as a professional designer, musician, filmmaker and many more! I’m super keen on working with many different people on different projects. That’s why I would love to ask you to back «A Vantastic Story», so that maybe soon we will sit together on a coffee and discuss our first project.