Tawatch.ch is a new concept of digital shop for watches. Innovation, Community and philanthropy are our ambitions. Every swiss resident should wear a swiss watch at Tawatch’s price. Join the community

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Concluded on 10/12/2018

The digital luxury watches boutique

Switzerland is known through the world for chocolate, banks, mountains and watches ! Our horology symbolizes high quality, precision and prestige. But why too many swiss residents doesn’t wear a prestigious swiss watch ? Are they too expensive? Only a few big brands can be quoted when you ask your friend about watches…. Isn’t it ? Let’s stop this and create a new concept of luxury watches boutique for all ! Tawatch.ch will do it early 2019. Become a contributor and a future member of the Tawatch community. Daily and monthly offers (men and ladies) will be proposed to you at special price and, in fact, you will also learn about watches ! By collaborating with Manufactures and retailers, the digital shop will presente a sample of watches from the well-know to the must be discovered brands. And by the way, for each watch sold, a donation for charity will be done. Sharing knowledge and promoting our famous pride are our commitments. Each Manufacture deserves its place. Get a watch by Tawatch ! Help us to share our vision.

Why Tawatch.ch?

Thibaut and Jérôme, two young ex-bankers who decided to realize their own dream. Reflecting about a new virtual space where swiss residents could learn and get watches at community price is our target, we developped it and now we want to share it with everydody! Be surprised, become a future member on www.tawatch.ch or follow us on social networks. On wemakeit, you have the opportunity to support us through crowdfunding. Help us to promote our swiss watches for every swiss resident!

Many thanks!

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting our project by contributing or following our social networks!