New Abinchova Album for 2014!

Our band ABINCHOVA (Melodic Death / Folk Metal from Lucerne, Switzerland) wants to record a new album at the New Sound Studio with Tommy Vetterli (who made the last few Eluveitie albums, among others).

We’re very happy with our new material and therefore want to record our new songs in the best possible way. We feel like it’s going to be one kick-ass album!

But a good production not only needs a lot of time, creativity, and commitment, but also a lot of money. And that’s where you come into play!

With your help we can make our new album «Wegweiser» a reality! Support us with a pledge of your choice and get our new album with many great extras. You can already get the new CD for as little as 10 Swiss Francs, yeah!

(If you don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account, please read on below the band images)

We look forward to your support and we hope that we can make our new album happen together in 2014 – Thanks a lot!

No Credit Card or PayPal? No Problem!

You have no possibility to transfer the money by credit card or PayPal? Just write us an email at and let us know, which amount you’d like to donate and which goodie you’d like to receive. We’ll work out a payment option that suits you and we’ll add your money to the project with our own account :-)