Abinchova - New Album 2017

by Abinchova


The melodic death metal band ABINCHOVA from Lucerne is getting ready to release its third album in 2017. Help ABINCHOVA to fullfil this project by supporting us and earn great goodies along the way!

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The third album is calling: We from ABINCHOVA are ready to record and release our new album in 2017!

We are super stoked about our new song material and would therefore like to present to you these songs in the best possible quality possible.

That’s why we have decided to record and produce the whole album at the excellent Newsound Studio with Tommy Vetterli of Coroner fame on board.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.


But a good production not only needs a lot of time, engagement, and creativity, but also a lot of money. And here’s where you come into play!

With your support we can make this album happen in 2017 in exactly the way that we have described above! Help us with any amount you want and receive many goodies along the way. You are already on board with a small investment of only 10 Swiss Francs!


But with whatever amount you wish to support us, every person that decides to do so will receive two brand new songs of ours at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. These songs will show you which quality we are shooting for since they have been recorded in the exact same way that the whole album will be produced. One of these songs called «Lichtfänger» can already be heard in our introduction video above – Have fun listening!

Do you have any questions concerning our crowdfunding campaign or do you have any problem with the available payment options? Shoot us an email at promo@abinchova.ch and we will work together to find a good solution.

We are looking forward to your contribution and we hope that we can release our new album 2017 together with your invaluable help – Thank you!