Two pediatric doctors invited to Switzerland

This January, in Kinshasa, I (Hugues Abriel) have met two young pediatric doctors who are eager to initiate medical research projects in their country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Mubungu wants to investigate the genetic bases of disease and Dr. Kayembe aims to be a pediatric cardiologists.

They are particularly interested in diseases leading to sudden cardiac death caused by cardiac arrhythmia in children and young adults. This is one of the main research topics of my research group. Since they need to learn new laboratory techniques and see how one follows such patients, I have invited them to spend 1 month this summer at the University of Bern.

During this stay, we will be able to initiate collaborative research projects that should help them to perform this first of a kind project in Africa.

We plan to have a long-term collaboration between our research group in Switzerland and at the University of Kinshasa. This project will for sure help these two young physician scientists to be introduced into the scientific community.

Your support is needed for

We need your support to cover their basic costs related to their visit, i.e. Visa costs, flight tickets, health insurance, housing, and food during their stay.

Supporting us

By backing us, you will give us an unique chance to start a scientific collaboration that may spend over years and decades.