Fitness und Entspannung mit Virtual Reality geht das? Ja! Wir wollen das erste Fitness-Studio in der Schweiz in Basel eröffnen. Fitness, Yoga und Entspannung in einer ganz neuen Dimension.

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Concluded on 29/6/2017

This is what it's all about.

Do you want to experience a fitness class at your own time, your own schedule and even without a real-life instructor ? How about meditation and relaxation via the latest experiences Virtual Reality has to offer? When we (Petros and Nicholas) became fathers we experienced first hand the impact this had on our fitness routines. For our wives this was even more profound! That’s when we came up with, an online fitness platform for home workouts. The technology we built allowed us to transform the home workout into a fun, social and measurable experience for our users. Over 10,000 users have already invited into their homes. This time we want to invite you into our home, the Active LAB. In the Active LAB you will experience a unique blend of fitness and technology. A purposed designed, simple to use, fitness and meditation studio. Offering video instructed group workouts and private VR led meditation sessions, The Active LAB provides a unique wellness and recreational fix.

My project is special because ...

Active Lab is the fitness and meditation solution for the generation of people that embrace new technologies that can enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This technology allows us to have a seamless workout and meditation experience in the Active LAB, or even at home via the Active LAB app. The Active LAB will be the first «future tech» fitness studio in Switzerland and will be located in Basel. With it’s modular approach Active LAB is designed out of portable workout and meditation stations, that can be easily popped up to any place in the city making it suitable for events. Our vision is to expand this into other cities in order to connect people in a new and active way.

  • The group Classes
    The group Classes
  • Our Trainers
    Our Trainers
  • Also available at home
    Also available at home

This is what I need backing for.

Only with your support the Active LAB will become a reality. We have put in an enormous amount of work to build the technology for the Active LAB. On our journey we have partnered with the best fitness companies, like Technogym, and created video workouts for you with top trainers from around the world. Today, we need 60.000 CHF to equip the Active LAB, pay part of the rent, get more content and customize our technology. As a founding member, with the Active LAB you can always choose from a big selection of workout programs, or join the Active LABs group classes available anytime and from anywhere. In winter 2017 you will also be able to walk in the first Active LAB in Basel,and join your classmates in the group class. Supporting us will also allow us to equip the Active Lab with the latest VR technology has to offer (Oculus, Vive and some surprises too) and transport you to new relaxation and meditation worlds. From serene beaches to tropical forests with an immersive audio experience. Join us and be part of the Active Lab by supporting us on this campaign!

  • Nicholas and Petros
    Nicholas and Petros
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    Gemeinsam grosse Ziele erreichen
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