Why AfroCoiffeur App?

It is almost impossible for people with afro-textured hair (women, men or children) to get their hair done at classic hairdressing salons in Switzerland, because such salons are either not trained or don’t offer stylings for such hair type.

Getting styles in afro specialized hair salons is not always accessible:
1) Physically: because such salons are often not located nearby
2) Financially: as the service prices are expensive and not affordable to everyone

Morever, the waiting time in such salons is often too long (several hours even with appointment) plus the styling long leadtime (3-4 hours) add more constraints to the process.

In nowadays fast paced society, it becomes more difficult and unbearable to spend countless hours at the hair salon while trying to balance a busy work, family and social life.

With AfroCoiffeur App, we make your life easier!
Getting your next afro hairstyle won’t be a problem anymore.


Our benefits

AfroCoiffeur App is:

1) An exceptional and unique service for all hair types: it will be the 1st platform of this kind in Switzerland.

2) Comfort and practicality: hairdressing can be done at the customer’s house or at a stylist nearby.

3) Transparency and affordability of service prices.

4) Time saving for customers: as date and time of the appointment will be defined in advance and styling duration confirmed during the online booking process.

5) Customer premium service: quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed, as our hairstylists are carefully chosen and trained if required.

6) Financial freedom and better time management for the hairstylists.

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We need support

The online-platform www.afro-coiffeur.ch will give easy access to anyone in need of an afro hairstyle (braids, cornrows, weaves, extensions…)!

With the CHF 12’000, we will launch the web development of the platform.

This happens when it’s over financed:

  • Between CHF 12’000 and CHF 15’000, we translate the web-app in French, German and English.
  • From CHF 20’000, a blog on beauty and hair care plus an e-shop of hair products and accessories will be added.
  • From CHF 35’000, we’ll make a native app (Android & Apple) with additional functionalities!
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