Afrocolor is a label which uses African objects, colours and symbols to decorate other objects or already existing products. It is a cultural space and an enterprise which sells products bringing the African and Western cultures closer. I need this money for my first collection.

The label

With its commercial products, Afrocolor makes possible a mutual enrichment through the merging of cultures. My theory is that, by bringing a light African touch to Western goods, Afrocolor creates a product combining these two cultures and creating a link between the two worlds. From this point of view, FASHION is a very interesting domain, because it makes possible, with African fabrics, colours and symbols, to decorate Western goods like coats, trousers, shirts, jeans, bags… and other items.

To decorate the products, I use 7 colours which have a meaning in the African tradition:

  • BLACK represents the colour of the native population and symbolizes spiritual energy and maturity.
  • GOLD represents the sun and symbolizes kingship, wealth, elegance and spiritual purity.
  • GREEN represents the vegetation and symbolizes growth, prosperity and health.
  • CHESTNUT BROWN represents the colour of the mother-earth and symbolize healing and the strength that repels bad spirits.
  • BLUE represents the colour of the sky and symbolize peace, harmony and love.
  • WHITE represents the clouds and symbolizes the relation with the ancestral spirits.
  • PINK represents the life and symbolizes femininity, gentleness, tenderness and calm.

Tank you! Mathias Tagayi allias Afrocolor

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