Tell us how you'll receive your reward!By AIESEC International Congress 2016, on 14/6/2016 10:08

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Dear backers,

thank you very much for your support, it means the world to us and it significantly helps us make our dream of International Congress come true! Together we’ve managed to raise 5970 EUR in 45 days!

It’s a great honour to have such supporters as you. It is also a great responsibility to do the best we can, so that we don’t let down your faith in us.

To all those who donated 5 EUR or more, please go to: to tell us how you’re going to receive your reward! We’ve approached you via email, but in case you missed it, please do it now.

We love you all,

CC Team

Video for crossing 1000 EUR!By AIESEC International Congress 2016, on 29/4/2016 14:27

As we promised, whenever we cross 1000 euro, there’s a special thing that we do in return! ;)

For crossing 1000 euro we promised you a video in which we ask random pedestrians in Warsaw questions linked with the themes of the Congress. Here’s what they said! :)

We have 3,5 hours to gather 5000 euro, please help us make it by encouraging your friends to support us in these very last hours!

The end is near!By AIESEC International Congress 2016, on 25/4/2016 11:31

Hi dear supporters,

we have 4 days left till the end of the campaign and we’ve just reached 20% of our goal. In order to receive this money and be able to give you the rewards you chose we need to reach the goal of 5000 EUR. You can help us greatly in reaching the goal by asking your friends and colleagues to support this initiative.

Tell them how important this event is for the future of Poland, for the future of the world, and for all young people. Share it on facebook, on linkedin, talk about it on the street, in the cafes, on messangers, on the phone and even when you sleep.

If we mobilize in these last hours, we’ll make this Congress unforgettable for the delegates, for the virtual delegates and all the stakeholders. We’ll prove that young people can organise great events, influence the decision-makers, and solve the current global issues. Be with us till the end and we’ll make it!

Help us reach the next checkpoints!By AIESEC International Congress 2016, on 1/4/2016 18:54


This crowdfunding action really means the world for us. To show you how much we care about this project, we’ve decided to commit ourselves to certain activities in return for your support! :)

Once we reach 1000 EUR – seven members of our team will be drenched with water in public, in front of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw!

Once we reach 2000 EUR – we’ll film a short video in Centrum in Warsaw with questions to pedestrians about what Poland needs at the moment, what they wish for Poland and whether they think IC will make these wishes come true or not!

Once we reach 3000 EUR – Magda and Katarzyna will cut their hair by half and tell us why it’s worth to make hard decisions!

Once we reach 4000 EUR – we’ll come to work and back home by bicycles dressed as animals, we’ll work in those suits as well. We’ll also film a short video about why sustainable growth is a «hot topic» and why it deserves much more attention!

Once we reach 5000 EUR- Kornelia will have our logo tattooed!

Please, ask your friends to support us and see our team performing the actions we’ve committed to! :)

We update you daily at:

Leave your message to the delegates and organisers!By AIESEC International Congress 2016, on 17/3/2016 18:25

No matter how much you donate, you can leave us your picture and a short message to IC delegates and organisers! Your message will be passed to them at the beginning of IC.

You can tell them why you support them, what you wish for the delegates to achieve during the Congress, what you wish Poland to become after the Congress or anything you want!

To leave your message go to:

If you attach your photo it will then become a part of the great poster at OSSA Congress&SPA, the venue of the Congress. The poster will include pictures of those who donated some money to support us along with a message «We believe in the power of youth»! Please, take this chance!