Let’s go

This summer marks the return of «cargo pants» and «bardot tops», according to marieclaire.fr ! But it misses the big event of the season: my first album !!

On this record I re-wrote, re-arranged, and re-recorded tunes that you can find on my Youtube channel, but it will mostly include brand new unheard tracks !


Wooaa.. must have taken you a lot of time !

The production of the album began only 6 months ago but I had this dream for a while and what you’ll hear on the album is the result of years of writing in that prospect.

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6 months... for less than 15 tracks ?!

Yeah.. and I’m not done just yet ! The production process takes a lot of time because I’ve always made a priority of doing everything myself. It means that when you’ll listen any tune of the album, I’ll be the guy on the drums, on the piano, the singer, the sound engineer, the dude who sips on his beer while watching other people work, the guy who takes an hour to get in tune between takes, basically… everyone.


But then your album doesn’t cost you anything !

Haha good one, Jean-Baptiste ! Even if I’m recording everything in my basement it, this project doesn’t costs money. Instead of renting a studio, I built one (with the help of lovely people). Plus, pressing the disc, printing posters, planning the inauguration show, making video clips, and putting together a live set, also has a cost…

And that’s where you come in ! By helping me release my album you become part of the project ! You get the album but you can get a lot more: invitations to the inauguration show, and all kinds of awesome stuff !


What this crowdfunding really represents:

If you support this album, you basically support me to write more, learn more, and keep playing for people. Because as laborious as were the past few months behind my guitar, my keyboard, and my computer, I’ve done something that I’m really proud of and I don’t want to stop !!!

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Hoppla, das Video wurde vom Projektinitianten entfernt.