This is what it's all about:

The trio of Alberto García was founded in mid-2015 in Basel, Switzerland. In a spontaneous and almost involuntary way they began to play in the best stages of the city, even at the OffBeat Basel Jazz Festival (2016). Then moved to other Swiss and European stages. «Alberto García Trio» interprets an exciting combination of jazz harmony, folk melodies and rhythms from around the world with Afro-Latin influences. The music is accessible to all ears, the rhythmic-harmonic complexity is compensated with the simple and pleasant melodies which makes all audiences from experts to amateurs able to value and enjoy it. The trio have shared stages with musicians such as Raphael Rosse, Yumi Ito, Camela Sager and Oliver Pellet.

At the moment they want to produce them first album, which need some help to pay the edition, mixing, mastering, CD pressing and design for physical CD.

They are preparing next European tour and presentation of the new CD with many guests throughout Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.


Our music is totally different!

My project is special because we have a really special format, I don’t know any other «Jazz Trio» with trombone, bass and percussion with that much music influences. At the moment we have a real special way to play, I would say it can be our own style!!.

This is what I need backing for.

·The edition, mixing, mastering: 1000.-

·CD pressing: 700.-

·Design for physical CD: 300.-