Album EP «Gosp'elle»

by Flavie


After so many years of concerts and tours, Flavie Crisinel finally offers you her first EP.

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Successfully concluded on 14/4/2017

Who am I?

Brought up by my mother’s negro spirituals, I have been part of several choirs since my childhood. Therefore, singing has become more than a passion. When I turned 20, I went to Lausanne’s music academy and to the theatre school Les Teintureries.

Since 1998, I’ve been part of several musicals in Paris, Montreal and Switzerland, especially with the company La Marelle where I have had the leading roles in «Mahalia’s Gospel» and «My Life with Martin Luther King».

I was a backing vocalist of the Swiss candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna and with my family, we won the first «Un Air de Famille» show.

All of this strengthened my desire to create an EP which, thanks to your support, will be released on my birthday, on June 2017, in memory of my mother.

My project?

This project was born because of the connection I had with the audience when I performed.

The idea appeared… and became true after I met Samuel Bancal, a pianist who was willing to fulfil my dream.

We want to make a professional quality EP, a mini-album with six tracks, that will contain two compositions and four arrangements of traditional gospels.

You can already listen to an excerpt here:

Why I need you?

The funds raised will help us to pay for

  • composing and arranging
  • studio recording, mixing and mastering
  • photo shooting for the CD sleeve
  • creation of a website
  • creation of a video
  • release of the CD
  • preparation for the preview

Thank you for your support, I love you! <3