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Amigos! By buying the album in advance you will help us to make this project possible. The recording of this album has been a miracle!: it is witness a unique moment, the moment when Ciro Perez meets Orlando Dibelo and other relevant musicians of the european Tango-scene.

Ciro Perez was the second guitarist of Roberto Grela’s ensemble during the best years. He recorded with Grela his unique «duo» album «Roberto Grela, nuevas creaciones». He was also the first and second guitar in the most important recordings of Alfredo Zitarrosa.

The virtuoso bandoneon player Orlando Dibelo belongs to a generation that has been part of the golden age, playing in the ’60 with famous orchestras such as José Basso, Roberto Firpo and Raúl Berón. It’s first hand knowledge!

This is a non-profit project (as almost all the small Cd productions). It is although VERY important to take it as a reference or as a documentary witness of an almost lost «savoir faire».

Join us, even if you don’t have a Cd player! there is always someone that listens to music in the car


..the Album:

« JACINTO CHICLANA » música rioplatense

Ciro Pérez (guitarra) / Orlando Dibelo (bandoneón) / Omar Fernández (voz) / Federico Abraham (contrabajo) / Roger Helou (piano y dirección musical)

  1. Desde el alma (R. Melo)
  2. Vieja viola (H. Correa)
  3. Adiós muchachos (J.C. Sanders)
  4. El motivo (J.C. Cobián, P. Contursi)
  5. Melodía triste (C. Sallago)
  6. Me quedé mirándola (V. Spina, R. Miró)
  7. Inspiración (P. Paulos)
  8. El alazán (A. Yupanqui)
  9. Bandoneón arrabalero (J.B. Deambroggio)
  10. Temblando (G. Márquez, A. Acuña)
  11. La cumparsita (G. Matos Rodríguez)
  12. Las cuarenta (R. Grela, F. Gorrindo)
  13. Presto (J. Ahumada)
  14. Te vas milonga (A. Fleury) Guitarrista invitado : Alejo De Los Reyes
  15. Jacinto Chiclana (A. Piazzolla, J.L. Borges)

Costs to cover..

Recording (Switzerland), Mixing studio (Argentina), Graphical material (Switzerland), CDs fabric (Argentina), Press campain (for march 2019) for the diffusion of this music.

This is a non-profit project.