Aletsch – At Glaciers’ End

No glacier in the Alps matches the Great Aletsch Glacier. Yet, with temperatures rising, it is getting smaller. Back in 1877 the Konkordia Hut was built close to the glacier’s edge. Now a 150 meter high iron staircase must be climbed to get to the cabin’s entrance. How long will glaciers like the Aletsch Glacier last? Can the melting be stopped? – It’s a film about overwhelming nature, helpless humans and a question of time.


Being an alpinist and alpine photographer Caroline Fink has been experiencing climate change during the past years. Other than in the cities, climate warming can be drastically seen in the mountains: Once white north faces become rocky slopes, melting permafrost makes rocks fall in places where there was no rockfall before and glaciers are smaller every year. With her film it is Caroline Fink’s goal to make these changes visible for a broader public.

Public Performances and Broadcasts

Our goal is to submit «Aletsch – At Glaciers’ End» to international mountain film and other festivals. Its length will be ideal for television broadcasts. We already look forward to the opening night at cinema Xenix in Zurich.


The shooting was done all human powered and by public transport. With one exception: After an accident on the glacier the filmmaker had to be flown to a close hospital by helicopter to have an injury stitched up.


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How Your Money Will be Spent

«Aletsch – At Glaciers’ End» started as a small no-budget project and one-woman-show. With time it became clear that the material is well suited for a 52 minutes long documentary. Your financial support will finance the professional post-production. What does this mean? It’s quite simple: As with photos, films need to be edited after shooting. But other than with pictures this process is a whole lot more complicated: For professional color correction, sound editing and suitable music filmmakers employ specialists working with sophisticated software and computers. Your support will be spent for these specialists. After the film has gone through post-production, it will be ready for international festivals and TV-stations.

The Producer

Beeing an experienced filmmaker and producer, Gitta Gsell runs Mirapix Productions in Zurich. With her Caroline Fink found the support to move forward with her project about the Aletsch Glacier.