Where and when did I start?

I started to sing in a Swiss international choir when I was only six and I left the choir 9 years later. During this period, I had the possibility to develop and improve my singing skills.

At the age of 11, I had my first classic-guitar lesson with a teacher. Just a year later, I decided to leave my teacher, because classic music was not really my favorite genre. Everything I learned later on, I learned it by myself.

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A job and a passion that lasts since a decade

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I had not really the possibility to start a big project like this. Since I finished my studies, I am thinking about this project again and I finally found the time to start it.

Until now, I played my songs alone with my acoustic guitar, but the album I would like to develop and record will have a rock background. It won’t be acoustic anymore: I will be supported by other instruments.

Professionals will record the other instruments, with which I will have the pleasure to collaborate for the whole during of these recordings. Later on, I already have a band that could support me during the live shows, with which I would play every song like in the album.

It is important to know that all the ten tracks on the cd are composed by myself and are written in different languages: Italian, French and English.

This project is quite expensive and that is why I need your help and your support. Therefore, if you believe in what I am doing, I would like to see you between the people who will help me to raise some money to produce this album.

Thanks a lot!

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