Installation and equipment of the first Aliqo Lab centre, the entry point to our ecosystem and a place for the sharing and support of local development initiatives using renewable energy.

CHF 885

5% of CHF 17’500

5 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 11/5/2023

A sustainable and inclusive development approach...

The project aims to promote a decentralised and inclusive development model around clean energy production in rural areas of the country. It addresses the problems of hyper-centralisation of the country’s development while increasing the rate of access to electricity in rural areas and thus providing essential educational support for this energy transition.


Our support model is based on a network of local training centres that we wish to deploy throughout the African continent. The beneficiaries will include

  • The women artisans of the localities, who will actively participate in the development of their village through the implementation of micro-projects.

  • Young people who will benefit from initial training (electrician, network electrician, etc.)

  • Professionals from Cameroon and the Central African sub-region who will come to follow continuous training to become renewable energy project managers.

We are calling on you to set up and equip the first centre in Cameroon.

We have divided the project into several stages:

1- 17,500 CHF, To equip our current training room with a video-conference system for distance learning.

2- 37 500 CHF, Create a Makerspace (Fablab) in our current centre

3- CHF 150,000, Complete the entire project of the centre which will also include a digital centre and a conference room.

By achieving our first objective, we ensure that our current training room is adapted to become an interactive learning space. This will enable us to expand our current training and coaching offer and make it sustainable.

By achieving our second goal, we ensure that we create a collaborative community workshop for rapid prototyping and fabrication.

By achieving our final goal, all the points of the project can be implemented. This will be our first Aliqo-Lab centre.

Why do we need you?

We would like to engage you in this initiative, which can have several meanings for you, such as the reduction of social inequalities, the reduction of the energy gap on the continent, the fight against climate change, which are the main impacts of our action on the ground. Your contribution allows us to finance the development of this social innovation, which will become autonomous and replicable after the first centre.


Depending on the amount of your contribution, you can choose from a wide range of benefits devised by the Aliqo team. We offer you the opportunity to discover Africa through beautiful paintings (to be delivered to your home) that come straight from our passion for Africa, and much more. You also have the possibility to join the strategic committee of the Aliqo project for a more consistent commitment.