Creation of a video in DVD format on the benefits of the practice of meditation that is simple and accessible to all. Watch the video teaser in English in the News Tab.

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This is what it's all about.

Hello to you all, thank you for being here.

My name is Sophie, and what I would like to accomplish today is to create a video in DVD format, that brings a new educational aspect of meditation. A simple ritual accessible to everyone, including children!

We have created a professional team around us (mentor, designer, cameramen, printers, friends who support …) to spread the best of our inspiration in this video!

I chose a crowdfunding campaign because crowdfunding makes sense for a meditation video.

Why meditation? Because it saved me from stress and anxiety that had persisted for several years because of a very active life between work and family life. It is recognized that about 50% of illnesses are due in part to stress … There is a lot of research that proves the positive effects of regular meditation practice!

For a year, I’ve been leading group sessions in a yoga center and, now, in a company working as a therapist, personal, and professional coach.

Our process starts by giving simple - explanations on the physiological effects of meditation; then we continue a process that includes 7 steps : the essence of Alpes Meditation.

Why do I believe in this project? Some parents of students have asked me to facilitate the learning of meditation for their children and for themselves. The process has been adapted and developed to improve their calm, focus, and creativity. What a joy to contribute with this new generation of parents! We did it, and we continue!

What people appreciate in our approach: to enter naturally into their meditative state through specific breathing exercises, the simplicity, and the spiritual neutrality of the process!

What makes us unique:

  • A meditation technique created for a simple, pure, and natural practice.

  • A video and DVD organized in sequence and in detail, to help you reproduce the process easily at home; the Alps appear in the video to transport you into mountain nature every time you watch the video.

  • A meditation coach, who practices this technique with groups; the session is available for all ages - 7 to 77 years old (tailored for each audience).

A website,, dedicated to meditation, with the option to book an online meditation session with your coach:

  • A group session with your family or at your place of work.

  • An individual session, for you, or to offer to a loved one as a special gift.

  • A 1% contribution to a humanitarian cause dedicated to children for each purchase made on our site. Today, I am happy to realize this DVD.

The video lasts 120 minutes and includes : 1) a complete meditation session (45 minutes) in 7 sequences; 2) special bonus;
3) and guidelines for people to initiate their meditation whenever and wherever they want - at home, at the office …

Alpes Meditation is an organic and natural practice; a lifestyle to incorporate into daily life, like a shower enjoyed every morning …

The goal:

  • to raise 6’000 CHF by the end of the year to shoot the first video for all ages.

  • Each contributor will receive a thank-you gift described on the funding page.

  • The video will be available at the end of 2017.

What will the funding be used for?

The process of creating a 120-minute video in DVD format that is based on an original idea; and includes : the steps of writing, filming, and editing the video for the public.

The production of a video is long and often complex. It involves collaboration between many people.

1.- Development of the scenario + locations (constraints of places, lighting, etc …).

2.- Video shooting of the scenes (possibility to shoot multicamera, actors, voice-overs, drones, etc …).

3.- Video editing following a transfer to an editing station.

4.- Edition and inputting the video content onto a broadcasting medium (DVD-Video, Blu-ray, website etc …).

Specific use of proceeds include:

  • Scriptwriting: 5%

  • Administration : 7%

  • The edition of the video into DVD format: 20%

  • Video editing: 30%

  • Video mixing: 10%

  • Design: 10%

  • Wemakeit crowdfunding platform fees: 8%

  • Creating counterparts for donors: 10%

If the goal of the first step is not reached, you will be fully refunded your donation!

Our team:

Sophie Rouméas: Project Manager Bruce Elliott: Project Advisor David Isely: Campaign Project Coordinator Maxime Milliet: Workshop Media Coordinator Céline Femenia: Graphic designer and contributor Liselotte Girard: Video Media Executive and Advisor Imageries-films: Producer of the video

And other contributors by their positive support!

You will find the profiles of each team member on the website

Today, we ask your support to promote our DVD of Alpes meditation! A unique and natural process inspired by a mountain culture much different than other meditation techniques.

Thank you for believing in us, and supporting us at the level where you can. Please spread the word around you, share our campaign on social media, contribute financially … Everything counts to make this project real … Our Alpes Meditation™ process will impact many families and individuals bringing them an important life skill.

Other creations are in preparation after this video but FIRST STEP FIRST!

Our next steps:

  • Music creation
  • Translation and dubbing of the video into a second language
  • Printing promotional materials: posters, posters, flyers, cards …
  • The organization of presentations in locations showing the DVD to different audiences who need to manage stress effectively.
  • The production of other creations for Alpes Meditation around the following themes: Stress management, sleep, better communication and connection, creativity …

For those of you who can and would be interested, you can think about joining our team for future Alpes Meditation projects and becoming an executive producer.

Thank you very much for supporting us, at the level where you can. Your contributions help us make Alpes Meditation, with its first video, a reality, and thank you for sharing our project around you!

Follow our progress: We want to keep in touch with you and show you the progress of our campaign for our first video and our Alpes Meditation project.

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