This is what it's all about.

The Capsule Hotel - Alpine Garden needs your support to realise the community area!

The Capsule Hotel at Zurich Airport is being built around influencer and nature photographer Fabio Zingg. Fabio has a brilliant eye when it comes to showing the «hidden treasures» of the Alps. This creates an experience space entirely in the Alpine Garden Industrial Design style. Here our guests can experience Switzerland from its most beautiful side.

Gastronomy, co-working and meeting rooms are integrated into the hotel. Guests can use these to inspire, exchange ideas and relax.

The innovative Capsule Hotel is being built on an area of around 1100m2 in a very central location and has 144 beds. These swiss capsules ™, developed by us, meet the highest requirements. Individually air-conditioned, we ensure that there is no mixing of the air.

In addition, the sleeping capsules can be individually locked and are soundproofed so that you can enjoy the greatest possible privacy in the smallest possible space.

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What is special about our project

Integrated into the hotel is a meeting zone for hotel guests and other visitors. Fine delicacies, good coffee and local beers invite you to linger at a spacious bar.

The concept is rounded off by individually designed workplaces for rent, creative and especially affordable meeting rooms and a shop with unusual products.

For this we need support

We need your support to build the meeting zone!

We can finance the Capsules and the hotel building, now it’s about realising the meeting zone. A place where people meet, with a bar and workplaces. Retreats and cosy corners in creative LAB style. Besides the host desk, we need a coffee machine, furniture and decorative items. Help us and become part of the Alpine Garden Community!