This is what it's all about.

Hi everyone,

I’m Rebecca, singer-songwriter-violinist, and I’m feeling super motivated to finally start turning out the songs that I’ve been writing over the last 3 years. I’ve got about 60 of them and they’re impatient to be given a form so that they can be shared, and so that I can make space in my head for fresh ones…

A natural poet, I first started writing songs to make sense of what was going on around and within me, and also to process difficult emotions and to create space for something better.

I use my music in my work as a therapist in alternative healing and emotional intelligence - and I really feel that it has something to offer for those who are going through their own inner processes - another reason why I want to make my songs more accessible to all.

My style is acoustic and folkey, with a big influence from nature, and from travel and different cultures.


What is reflected in my songs?

  • A vast array of human emotions and their many different expressions
  • The world of intuition, feelings and sensations
  • Nature, which is a central part of my life
  • An empath’s point of view
  • Reflections on social dynamics and peoples’ stories
  • Medicine and the healing world
  • Travel and different cultures
  • Alternative ways of looking at life

This is what I need backing for.

Your support will contribute towards recording equipment as well as the professional mastering of at least one CD, and ideally 2.

As my songs are quite simple, and as I’m always turning them out, I’ve opted for home studio recording, which will also facilitate my erratic hours… Yes, creativity really DOES peak at 2 in the morning!