What makes Tinaja unique

Tinaja is a Swiss-Venezuelan family band and the only semi-professional one playing Venezuelan music in Switzerland. We filter the essence of various Venezuelan musical traditions and mix it with worldwide sonorities. In our quest for a unique sound, we make our own arrangements, exploring Venezuela’s native sounds and rhythms. We bring you to the roots of Venezuelan culture, and our voices will be the freshwater quenching your hearts’ thirst.

After 12 years, we need your support to record our first album, bringing you all a professionally mastered glimpse at our unique sound that will then be uploaded on various music-sharing platforms.

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Tinaja : from birth to today...

Tinaja was born in 2009 from Douglas and Brigitte Gonzalez’s minds to promote Venezuelan music in Switzerland, to preserve their roots and share them with their children: Liliane, Mathilde, and Paul, by integrating them into the creative process. After a few odd years, the Tinaja family was joined by a long-time friend of the Gonzalez, Luis «Güico» Guevara, folklorist specialized in Venezuelan culture, and our musical family remained unchanged since aside of some occasional friends’ guest appearances.

During those 12 years, we kept enriching our repertoire and toured across Switzerland for festivals, other band’s invitations, and as a guest on special occasions. Determined to keep its mission as a Venezuelan music promoter (which COVID-19 stopped in its tracks) and become more accessible to a broader audience, we wish to launch the production of a 6 tracks album, including an original song, specially written for Tinaja by Güico.

That’s where you, dear audience and friends, enter the stage!


Why to support us?

Your support will permit us to cover the costs of producing an album. This includes, among others, studio recording, sound mixing, and mastering. Your support will also allow us to remunerate young talented guest musicians and the graphic designer for the cover. Furthermore, we need pictures and small clips of Tinaja to promote our songs on streaming platforms. We would also like to promote our album and find dates for concerts and/or festivals in Switzerland.

If the campaign’s goal is exceeded (and we reach 10’000 CHF), we plan to do a music clip of our exclusive song and make it available for all online. For backers wishing it, your name will even appear in the credits.

All the contributors will have access to the songs recorded before the release on the sharing platforms.

We thank you in advance for your support!!!