Art to All

Our mission is to make artworks accessible to everyone and bring artworks into your home for 45CHF per month. We want our artists’ artworks to be seen in your place !

Dare to hang an artwork in your living room. You are an art lover and want to embellish your daily life by contemplating real artworks directly at home?

You are an artist desiring to bring your creations to life elsewhere than in museums or galleries?

This is what drives the Art2All project: using the power of online tools to bring amateurs and artists altogether elsewhere than in conventional places, in the simplest way without leaving home.


Let's democratize art

We want to democratize visual art, and make it available to everyone, freely, without time constraints and at an affordable price.

We want the artworks of artists you love to be in your home and bring happiness to your living environment.


Let's support artists

Your contribution allows more artists to join our Art2All platform, and make their artworks more valuable. This will help to remind us the original meaning of artworks..being seen by all.