Getting to Know the Patterns

I research the patterns found on archeological pots, that have been found in various parts of the world. These are ranging up to 35 thousand years old. Then I make short films to introduce them, and finally use the pattern on sustainable organic clothing.


Don't just wear fashion, wear culture!

This is one of my works. A unique and stylish shirt with this historical pattern, which is more than 6000 years old. That is the only way to keep these patterns alive.

I Need Your Support to Continue This Project

We survived. Now we can create horizons again and redefine our dreams. There are times when mankind sees its most basic survival in danger. As a result, many artistic projects also disappear, on the grounds that they are not system-relevant!

Thought naively.

Art is our hope. Art is our origin. Art is our environment. Art is our life!

Art is the only thing that saves us. Art helps us to give meaning to our lives again. Art is when a six thousand year old pattern makes us smile. When all else fails, art is what enlivens us up.

My goal is to create high quality clothing that combines fashion and cultural aspects. And I need your help for that. Because the resources in this area, which the designs for my clothes are ultimately created is very limited.

Your donations will be used 100% for the production of the clothes and the production of the videos. As well as further researching the patterns and expanding the design portfolio.