A 21st century animal center. Including veterinary clinic, canine hospitality and services such as 24 hour emergency, physiotherapy, grooming, walking and many other services.


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Concluded on 17/7/2023

Help us to launch our start-up.

Our objective is to build the most avant-garde animal center in Switzerland in order to meet a major social and professional demand in this field. We wish to become THE reference of excellence in the field of animals throughout the world. We propose a concept of animal center that will represent the canine hotel 2.0 and a veterinary clinic combining modernity and animal welfare. In addition to that, we want to use solar panels, mini windmills and a water treatment in 3 phases called a purification pond to reach at least a level of 50% of self-sufficiency in energy and water use. We are, for the moment, the only ones to propose a project of such magnitude and quality. As a young and dynamic company, we want to innovate in the animal sector and to put forward environmental values. We propose a space that we name «domain» because it gathers in different poles these various services:

● Canine hospitality and doggy day-care

● Emergency veterinary service open 24 hours a day

● Fixed veterinary clinic

● State-of-the-art equipped operating room

● State-of-the-art large animal operating room

● Post-operative parcs for large animals

● Physiotherapy and osteopathy room

● Grooming office

● Dog walking trail

● In-home dog-sitter service

● In-home dog walking service

● In-home animal care and transportation service as well as on site

● Dog training, behavioral and agility courses

● Dog park for leisure and games

Now let’s get to what we want to do with this project. We want to help all animals, their owners and the professionals who work for them by providing them with what they need most. By simplifying and innovating, we will find solutions to their biggest problems, whether it’s a 24-hour health service, knowledge, training or anything else. Through this simplification and innovation, we hope to help bring the pet industry into the 21st century. The company is run on a for-profit basis, yes, we are not an association or a foundation, but that’s where it gets interesting. By using 25% of the annual income to create associations and foundations that would be completely autonomous, we would like to change the social and political landscape of the animal world as well. We want to create associations, for example: one that will educate the population about regional animals and what to do if you meet them in the wild. Furthermore, we want to create a foundation that will have the sole purpose of advancing the animal field on a technological, professional and social level. One of the first philanthropic reasons we had in creating this animal center is to offer jobs in the animal field where there is a severe lack of opportunities for professionals working in this field. This lack of opportunities forces them to find employment in other countries or to change their profession entirely. We want to create a network of professionals who are involved in the animal field in order to give ourselves significant impactful goals regarding the animal sphere.

This project will meet a social and professional demand in French-speaking Switzerland

The only one of its kind in Switzerland, it responds to the specific demand in the animal field in the French-speaking region and especially in the Lake Geneva basin. The demand is such that we find ourselves with more than 50,000 potential customers in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud.

How your support will be used

We are going to use the funds to be able to work 13 months on the project and finish the preliminary objectives. It will also allow us to finish the plans of the structure and the acquisition of the land with our architect Jean-Jacques Tschumi. In addition to finding investors, we want to create an application that connects the different animal services of the canton of Geneva and later the canton of Vaud. While waiting for the construction of the Anidoor animal center, we want to offer a dog walking service and later a day care center for dogs with transportation included. We will of course register Anidoor as an SA and continue to collaborate with the professionals mentioned below:

● Philippe GERDIL (Deputy Director - Head of Real Estate Developers BCG)

● Daniel CHEMINAT (Manager - Construction Economist - FIB) 2020-2022

● Thomas BÜCHI (Master Carpenter - Charpente Concept)

● Louise BONADIO (Lawyer at the Geneva Bar - KBB)

● Jean-Jacques TSCHUMI (Architect SARRA)