Anonymous – was a woman

«We need to make sure, that the value of women is known to our children, so that they are empowered to change the world!»

We would love to have your support to help us realize this unique project which hopes to raise awareness and acknowledgment for women. We plan on holding a charity concert that would help support and strengthen the role of Women’s Rights Organizations. Your donation helps us to film and produce videos so that this message can reach a worldwide audience and your funding also helps us finance the commissioned music works, without which this project would not be possible.

We have commissioned 6 internationally acclaimed composers to write music that captures the Zeitgeist of their own heritage. A reading of selected literature will accompany the music in a concert recital which hopes to raise a voice with a message of courage, strength and love for all of the world’s women! 

The selected texts are all by celebrated literary female figures. Each will be read by an actor in disbursed with the live music performed.

 Be part of it! – Support us with your vote, help us to make this project a reality! Thank you for your help and engagement!

With these amazing composers and your support we want to set an example:

  • Amritha Vaz
  • Bushra El Turk
  • Rachel Grimes
  • Anna Drubich
  • Johanna Doderer
  • Roodade Shamloo
  • Sidika Inci Özdil