We are Anoraque from Basel.

  • Lorraine Dinkel – voice, guitar
  • Valentin Hebel – guitar
  • Hagen Neye – bass
  • Jan Schwinning – drums

Since the band’s formation in spring 2015 a lot has happened: we have written songs, recorded demos, cut Videos, worked on pictures and played many concerts. Now our time has come to record our first EP.

As you are reading this we are probably rehearsing. We started pre-production in late December and we will be at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg in February 2016. There we are going to record and mix our best songs to form the EP out of.

We’ve got the expenses for pre-production and studio covered. For all the things that make the recorded music a finished EP, there is even more costs to overcome, though.

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We need your help!

We need your support to be able to release the recorded music on CD and download-codes. We are lacking CHF 4000 in total for the following expenses

  • mastering (CHF 700)
  • EP-artwork (CHF 1000)
  • layout (CHF 1500)
  • CD-pressing (CHF 250)
  • print and packaging (CHF 300)
  • downloadcodes (CHF 250)

In return you will get...

…infinite gratitude and also some of the following

  • downloadcodes
  • cds
  • posters
  • guest list places
  • playlists
  • dinner
  • concerts

Become a part of this project and help us release our debut EP! Thanks you!