Art Academy for everyone // Anti-Stress Academy

I am Anna Ugryumova, art therapist and creative coach. I need your support, because I want to create a painting academy, where everyone is allowed to let off steam artistically. My painting methods are excellent for relaxation and burnout prophylaxis. Every fifth German suffers from permanent stress During the day the career pushes, in the evening around the family to care and sometime still time for itself find: According to a study, six out of ten Germans suffer from stress in everyday life, many of them even permanently. WOMEN, TEENAGERS and EMPLOYEES are particularly affected. I would like to offer the method of AntiStress Painting. AntiStress Painting is like a relaxed creative and soothing time out, from our usually packed with appointments everyday life. It is good for our physique and psyche. Due to the continuously increasing pressure at work and in private life, people need a balance in time. After strenuous performance phases, body and mind must be able to regenerate in order to gain new energy. With the AntiStress-Painting method you promote your physical as well as your mental health and you can ignite your own creativity. I would also like to offer free workshops every other month for young people from socially disadvantaged families and single mothers.


My project is special because ...

My method of intuitive painting leads you step by step to the discovery of your Own Universe that has been burdened by your daily stress and anxiety for so many years. You gradually become the discoverer of your own primary creative world. It is often painted on XL canvases You do NOT need any previous artistic experience.


  • Consciously generate energy, joy and satisfaction
  • Strengthen access to creative forces, intuitive knowledge and childlike joy
  • Get more ease and serenity in life
  • Create space for visions, new ideas and possibilities
  • Giving yourself esteem
  • Experience a good time with new friends full of cordiality

This is what I need backing for.

I need the support for reconstruction of the studio

  • 3 X work tables
  • 20 X painting board and the first errands of the materials /
  • Oil and acrylic paints, various brushes, canvases, stretcher; spray cans, cleaners, paper etc.