«Apassionata» is the story of Beethoven's secret love affair, that had to be suppressed throughout centuries – still, it has been resonating up until our days, as it was born out of a unique force.

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Successfully concluded on 16/6/2021

One more week to go ... By Helga, on 06/12/2022

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Dear All,

there is one more week to go, until a first digital version of the book becomes available on Helga’s homepage (German, Hungarian). Those who picked the option, their gift examples shall be sent out in January, after they have been delivered from printing …

Until then, I would like to invite you to watch this trailer, where you will have a first lively glimpse. Listen to the turbulent «Presto agitato» of the C# minor «Moonlight» Sonata, which was picked as a symbolic piece for the show.

You can see further videos on the new YouTube channel, enjoy! www.youtube.com/@helgavaradimusic

I wish you all a wonderful Advent time and beautiful celebrations in December!!

Cover Glimpse By Helga, on 22/09/2022

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

it is time to update you about the project. The German and Hungarian editions of the book «APPASSIONATA» will be available until the end of this year, accompanied by first live presentations in Germany and Hungary.

Until the exact dates are published, I wanted to share with you a first glimpse of the multimedia volume. The cover picture was taken in the magical city of Prague by our great photographer Kaupo, exactly where some of the central moments of Ludwig and Josephine happened in 1812.

You can also watch the video trailer, for now available specially for you, on this temporary link: https://youtu.be/Na_vmnuCS68

Soon to be continued with more news … :-)

Greetings from the StudioBy Helga, on 04/02/2022

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

since the last update, preparations were ongoing in spite of pandemics and new challenges.

The second part of the project was lanced successfully in January, the recordings are taking place in these months in Karel Valter’s great professional studio near Basel. Indeed a big task, to record 3 entire CDs, since Beethoven loved to improve long forms …. :-) For now, the second session has already been finished, so most of the very demanding solo repertory is «in the box», as well as the songs. The wonderful bass bariton Milan Siljanov from the Munich State Opera participated in the last session. The last section in March will include chamber music on the cello with Nuala McKenna from Ireland/The Netherlands, with mezzosopran Silke Gäng from the Basel Theater, as well as the rest of the solo repertory.

The original fortepiano (Donat Schöfstos, stepson of famous Anton Walter in Vienna, ca. 1810) astonishes with its stability, beauty of sound and balance. This sleeping beauty has been awaken during the project – many many thanks to the amazing team of the Historic Museum Castle Blumenstein of Solothurn.

As soon as the master has been delivered, all material will be forwarded to the publishers, in order to introduce you to the results in autumn 2022.

Thank you, for following these news, thank you for taking part in the realization of this special project!

Crew MomentsBy Helga, on 17/09/2021

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  • Crew Martonvásár
    Crew Martonvásár
  • Crew Prague
    Crew Prague
  • Video Team
    Video Team
  • Moonlight Magic
    Moonlight Magic

Dear Friends and Supporters,

these past months were filled with diligent preparations and careful plannings! They proved to be very successful and a great team of 15 people were working on the picture materials for the book: in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our marvelous photographer, Kaupo was a driving force and a clear vision in order to achieve the best pictures – everyone else has put his and her best talents into the shooting.

As it is, you can see two pictures of the whole group: one in front of the Brunswick Castle in Martonvásár, the other one in romantic Prague, where we shot our last scenes. You might wonder, what «Moonlight Magic» is about … one of our special moments behind the scenes, during the shooting week! It was made in Slovakia, in the magical park of Alsókorompa at the Brunswick Estate.

The edition work is in full process now, soon the recordings will start! Thank you for following the news. It is a pleasure, to have you on board! :-)

THANK YOUBy Helga, on 17/06/2021

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Thanks to your generous support, the realisation of «Appassionata» can start from August! This ambitious aim could only be reached with your precious help. All this positive energy will flow into the pictures, into the music, into the results itself which requires lots of effort, time and dedication. You shall be kept updated about the production phases here and via the newsletters. Stay healthy, enjoy the sunny summer days and stay tuned!