The Eternal Beloved. Most of you must have heard about the mysterious love affair of the composer, but all aspects were never really published in its entirety. Helga Váradi researched and collected the original sources and the music, in order to represent them a first time in their context. Helga created a special art book to tell you the story through its original voices. The intense and deep art of Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas will enrich the book and provide additional textures: questioning, underlining, commenting, upsetting in its form.

The original showplaces will be introduced to you through the dramatic dynamics between Ludwig and Josephine – the Beethoven-music (composed within this very context) ist meant to reveal the so far hidden depths of the story. Budapest, Prague, Martonvásár, Dolná Krupá will appear as major scenes.

Join in to this musical adventure and plunge into the very midst of human emotions created by Love and Passion.

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My project is special because ...

The art book APPASSIONATA reunites literature, music and photography. A touching work with exciting excerpts through research and music, the latter played on original instruments of the Beethoven-period. Two souls, who could not reunite in their life times, still their love could not cease until the tragic end.

Swiss moderator and journalist Werner van Gent and his Kolchis Publishing House is responsible for the German edition. Further publications are foreseen in Hungary.

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This is what I need backing for.

The complex production of APPASSIONATA consists of three phases.

First, the photo shooting will take place, supported by a production team. Costs of the photographer and the participants, location rent, travel costs need to be covered.

The second phase will take place in the recording studio: piano transport, sound engineer, tuning assistant, soloists and their salaries, travel costs will emerge in this phase.

The third and last phase means the publishing works: layout, corrections, design, edition, print costs.

This crowdfunding project will help covering the remaining lacking part of the entire budget.