Art Macro-Muse offers you a different way of experiencing Art! How? By fusing photography and music. My goal? Sharing the beauty of nature through my musical works!


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Concluded on 23/6/2019

This is what it's all about...

For years, I tested the consumerist system of our countries by embracing different careers in several different areas with varying degrees of success. Everything changed the day I realized that what I was doing didn’t make me happy. I couldn’t continue like this; I was in fear of death. You know what I mean? This is how I decided to pursue projects that are important to me, that really feed me and that gives a deep meaning to my life. February 2018, I embarked on a containership and crossed the Atlantic Ocean - so many incredibles scenes amazed my eyes during the trip - to finally settle in Costa Rica. The flora and fauna of this wonderful country - which has become my adopted homeland - allows me indefinite freedom in therms of photography. The entire planet is a playground to capture wonderful moments but Costa Rica is rich in color and this fascinates me particularly.

My project is special because ...

Combine my two passions of photography and music!


  • By offering an exclusive exhibition revealing the beauty of my art while playing my own creations …

When I was younger, I studied classical guitar at the Conservatoire de Friborg. I had the privilege of attending the course given by Professor Joaquim Freire ( In Costa Rica, my friend Armando Róman - a Costa Rican musician - invited me to create the song «Halo! Danke!» Find the song on Spotify: Armando Róman, «Nacer de Nuevo» and the song «Halo! Danke!» and tell me what you think!

Of course, the macro animates me more than anything else, but it’s not just that, and I like capturing landscapes as well. That’s why I need a wide angle lens to give a complete dimension to the sublime landscapes that our Earth offers, through the modest eye of the photographer. Wild animals like birds inspire me too; Like the hummingbird - discover it in the special series. I like bridges and their architectures! Maybe it’s because I was born in the city of bridges: Fribourg! - They are an essential link for communication between people…

Today, I share my days with family, photography and music …

On the other hand, if you own a gallery and want me to exhibit into your walls; I am open to any suggestion! Whenever you are!

This is what I need backing for.

The particular climate of Costa Rica (with a high hygrometry) has damaged my photographic equipment and my computer. Although protected as often as possible in a waterproof bag, the climate damaged my equipment (and even my guitar!) So, I have to reinvest in professional waterproof material compatible with my camera:

  • A macro lens at 3700.-
  • A wide angle lens 11-24 mm at 3348.-
  • A 400 mm lens at 13170.-
  • Prepare the exposition à 12900.-

Your support will also allow me to continue exploring nature and revealing its magnificence through my work. And then there is all the preparation of the exhibition which takes time, with the impressions that will have to be printed. Your support will allow me to complete my project and I will be happy to give you the dates of my exhibition. I thank you very much for your generosity and your attention! THANK YOU !