Artistic Swimming (formerly synchronized swimming) in Basel with 70 athletes wants to grow at all levels and promote the next generation. For this we need a second professional coach.

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Looking for support for second professional coach

We are the Artistic Swimming section of swimming club of both Basel. We have 70 female athletes and one male athlete between the ages of 4 and 30 years who are supervised by the head coach and three part-time coaches.

The training required for this demanding and attractive sport is enormous and is adjusted to suit each level. Depending on the performance level, we offer between 4 and 20 hours of training per week.

For the future, we want to grow at all levels and receive the quality label Swiss Artistic Swimming as a junior development center.

In order to make these and other dreams come true, we need a second professional trainer, who helps us with the very young athletes to foster not only fun, but also excellent technique and high performance to pursue our beautiful sport in Basel with high quality and passion.

Sustainable personality development of young girls

«There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.»

Artistic Swimming is often referred to as art swimming, a synthesis of swimming, strength, agility, flexibility, rhythmic music, ability to concentrate, body tension and endurance.

Artistic swimming? What’s this? While the music is running the swimmers seem to dance ballet in the water, forming figures in sync with the music and their teammates.

As a team sport, Artistic Swimming teaches team spirit, solidarity, consideration, responsibility, fairness and respect.

Artistic Swimming strengthens self-esteem, promotes posture, balance, mental concentration, endurance and strength as a total body workout.

More than 80% of our athletes are under the age of 16 and we see every day how enormously important this sport is for their personal development. With our sport, we therefore support the development of young girls sustainably.

We urgently need an additional professional coach

We have grown a lot since the beginning of this club year in August with 28 newcomers and can no longer cope with the current coaching staff. However, we only have a limited budget to pay for a second professional coach.

Through good relationships, we have found a very good Russian coach who would like to come to us. As an athlete she has won 16 times gold at World and European Championships as well as World and European Cups. Even as a coach, she has already achieved great successes in her young career.

The money from «wemakeit» will be 100% for the new professional coach so that she can work sufficient hours with us.

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Don't stop us now