The project Arts & Events for « Everybody’s Perfect 3 », LGBTIQ film festival

Sonia Rickli & Joël Defrance, performance artists, wish to enliven and fill the third edition of the LGBTIQ film festival «Everybody’s Perfect» (19th to 28th of September 2014 – Geneva, Maison des Arts du Grütli) with performances, concerts, workshops and parties. For this, we kindly ask your financial support. This will help us in renting the necessary equipment to dress up and customize the location where these activities will be held. Together, we are committing to strengthen the social link that will grow between the various film screenings. We thank you gracefully for your contribution.

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Artists planned

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Your contribution will allow us to :

  • To rent the sound equipment for the Orangerie on the ground floor of the Grutli Arts Centre : stage, cables, lights, speakers, beamer, microphones, safety equipement etc…
  • To organize two workshops run by Louis(e) de Ville and Eustache McQueer on gender questions
  • Two sunday concerts
  • «Alternative » evening events
  • and other surprises !