New recording equipment for new careers

Our young talented musicians are playing at free concerts in Spalenvorstadt 25, in Basel. Their beautiful music touches all those who hear it and with your help we want to have an audio system to record their music, which will be used at their next event - the Beethoven concert from 3 - 10 May and also to make recording for their CVs and international presentations.

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Music that everyone can hear

This is a special project because it helps young gifted musicians, to present themselves on the world stage. The Foundation has been supporting them, step by step over the years, and we as fans&friends of the musicians, want to also help them with the new audio system that they need.

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A professional recording system for our musicians

We will use the money to buy and install a professional audio system. This system will be used to record the Beethoven concert on 3-10 May, and all the other concerts which are free to the public. The audio system will also be used to record their presentations and musical events.

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