What is the JCB?

The Jugend Circus Basilisk is a youth circus in Basel, CH, which offers young talents the possibility to perform on a real circus stage. The artists train every year from autumn to summer in their chosen disciplines ranging from acrobatics and juggling to trapeze and unicycling.

More than 40 children between the age of 7 to 17 – accompanied and supported by volunteers – present their show every summer for 3 weeks in Basel and one more place in Switzerland.

This year’s show «Parkmosphäre» can be seen from July 5 to 15 in Basel and from July 18 to 23 in another town in Switzerland (TBD).

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What is the carpet for?

The stage carpet is in daily use every summer for 3 weeks during our tour. It provides the artists with a softer ground as well as a colourful background for the artists. Additionally it is also used for smaller shows outside of the regular circus show throughout the whole year.

The problem

  1. The current carpet is of insufficient quality. When rolled out it displays waves which can be dangerous for artists and stage helpers and can lead to accidents.
  2. To match the size of the stage the carpet needs to be 7x7m. This means almost 50 square meters times CHF 80. In addition, the carpet needs to be stitched together from two pieces of carpet, because there are no affordable carpet producers which produce carpets wider than 5m. The carpet also needs a special border, so it does not start fraying at the edges. All of this leads to a not inconsiderable sum.
  3. This year the JCB has to make some acquisitions which already use up our the budget. Therefore we cannot afford a new carpet without digging into financial reserves, which we require in case of emergencies.
  4. The carpet is part of what creates the image other people form of the JCB. However, an unsafe and battered carpet does not contribute to a professional reputation.

The aim

  • I hope to be able to finance a carpet of good quality, which will provide the young artists with a safe plattform for their talents.
  • The carpet should also contribute to a positive, professional reputation of the JCB, i.e. we require a 7x7m, round carpet, on which the young artists can create an artistically as well as aesthetically worthy image of the JCB.
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