Launch of the brand AVELINE COSMETIQUE! Go back to the basics with cosmetics made from local plants at a fair and transparent price.

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Aveline cosmetics!

Aveline is committed to creating natural cosmetic products for you to get closer to the nature that surrounds us. This is why we have been inspired by local ingredients grown in our regions.

Local ingredients, what is our promise?

We promise to exclude any exotic component to highlight the magnificent ingredients we already have in Switzerland and neighbouring countries and favour short circuits.

To do this, we had to develop our formulas, innovative ones that are not common to avoid the prefabricated products offered by the industry.

All this naturally has an investment cost at the outset, and that is why we need you!

Our proposal, innovative products

In our products, you will find hazelnut, hemp, and camelina oils, all from Switzerland or neighbouring countries.

The plants used in our products come from the Valais.

The other ingredients that complete the formulations come from Italy, France or Spain.

As far as the containers are concerned, we favour recycled and recyclable glass, and we will provide refill solutions to give you the possibility to reduce your packaging as much as possible.

Our products are suitable for the whole family, unisex and multi-use. Moreover, they are free of perfume and essential oils.

For the launch of the brand, we would like to offer you a face range composed of 4 products* :

  • A cream
  • A make-up remover/cleanse
  • *Two serums (declined with the seasons)

We need your support!

To support our project, various possibilities are available to you:

You can pre-order the products, either by opting for a single product or by choosing a combination of products.

You can also choose to support us without compensation with the amount of your choice.

Thanks to your participation, we will be able to launch production in Switzerland this year, and partner with local companies in order to be able to offer you quality products that respect your skin and the environment.

The products will be available from the end of fall 2022.