Based in Vienna, AVIDO duo, consisting of two international artists, represents a wide range of creativity and virtuosity, with an ability to create a unique way of feeling, experiencing and performing music. Having won competitions in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA), Osaka (Japan) and given successful performances around the world, this DUO has left an impression on some significant names in the world of music. Here are some of them:

«Avido Duo’s excellence in musicianship and broad artistic explorations will forever make you rethink what is possible when saxophones and accordion meet!»

  • Kojiro Umezaki - Shakuhachi player & Composer from Silk Road Ensemble (The Grammy Award-winning Ensemble)

«Amazing sonority and expression! We recognized the duo as the best innovative revelation!»

  • THE SAX Magazin (Japan)

About the CD

Debut CD contains new arrangements made grounded on diverse pieces from the flowering Baroque, a highly ornate and often extravagant, all the way to the modern era. This wide and diverse scope results in a very innovative, cutting-edge sound and character. The CD gives the audience a possibility to discover musical development throughout time, and the whole process is surfing on the waves of several musical epochs, transferring from one to another with sophisticated transitions.

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