A series of at least 5 videos will be created that show how to raise your consciousness in a simple, easy and understandable way for everyone. Life is easier with higher consciousness.

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Concluded on 26/2/2024

New era needs higher consciousness

Our world is becoming increasingly chaotic and we are rapidly moving into a new era. The higher our consciousness is now, the better we can cope in this new era. At least 5 videos are planned in which small tools for raising our consciousness on our own are presented. The tools are simple, easy and can be applied in small, digestible steps. They show what you can do on your own to make it easier to get through difficult times.
I plan, produce and market the videos with a core team. It is important that the videos are available to everyone free of charge. Producing videos to a high standard is time-consuming and cost-intensive, even if the core team works on a voluntary basis: In addition to the necessary basic technical equipment, a lot of work goes into the production itself (people for sound, lighting, camera, etc., location) and the post-processing (editing, graphics, effects, audio, rights, etc.). We shoot the videos from January to March 2024 and then publish them on YouTube, Telegram & Co. We still have to decide together whether we will shoot the videos in a studio, at a core team member’s home or in the great outdoors. We are also working with partners so that the videos will also be available (free of charge) on other platforms. As I would like to go even further with this core team in the future and produce documentary films on interesting topics, for example, the investment in the video series is sustainable and an important first step.

  • Our vision
    Our vision
  • Our mission
    Our mission
  • Our film project - we can only do it together
    Our film project - we can only do it together

My project is special because ...

The special thing about it is that we want to expand the video series in the future and then also produce documentaries and feature films. This will be done at a high level with the same team, which is already well-practised. The distribution will also increase over time, so that more and more people can come into contact with it and raise their awareness. The core team is already in place, but we still need the equipment and the ability to work with video professionals so that we can get started.

This is what I need backing for.

Nothing works without start-up funding: the majority of people work for free, but we need material (a camera, tripod, sound, light) to be able to produce the videos. The material will continue to be used for the production of documentaries and feature films, so that the investment is sustainable. Costs may be incurred for the location, equipment and other costs that have to be borne during filming. We also need support from video professionals on a case-by-case basis for recording and post-processing so that the videos can be produced professionally.

  • The team and its tasks
    The team and its tasks
  • Thank you for your interest!
    Thank you for your interest!