Bachelor Fashion Collection

by Sarah Bounab


My Bachelor's collection (HEAD, Geneva) which mixes mountains, skiing and erotic codes, and which especially needs your precious support!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 26/5/2018

Who am I?!

Swiss born and raised in Lausanne, my passion for fashion began when I was very young and was passed on to me by my grandfather who was a tailor. It’s been 7 years since my career began with a sewing, patronage and hat training, then a year of preparatory course to then integrate the HEAD (Geneva) in Design Mode , and since then I have had the opportunity to do an internship within a high-end Berlin ready-to-wear brand (Tata Christiane).

Now a student in the last year of Bachelor Design Fashion at the University of Art and Design in Geneva, I appeal to you so that together we can give life to my diploma collection!

The Bachelor collection

First of all, I must present you my pre-collection of this beginning of the year that you can also see the pieces in video (above) and in a series of photos by Cynthia Mai Ammann!

Inspired by the couple, the erotic world but also the mountains and skiing; the objective was to confront the locker room borrowed from the ski (wool sweater, knit mesh, down jacket) with the erotic’s cloakroom (female anatomical lines tightened). The result: a combination, a pair of trousers, a sweater, two shirts and a jacket from the mix of these themes as well as the research at the material level and which are therefore the starting point of the future collection!

More complete, with 6 silhouettes dressed from head to toe plus accessories) and with more resources, the collection will always mix these inspirations both mountainous and intimacy and confronting them with a technical reflexion around the material and the clothing.

In a rather frigid color range (despite touches of pink and other more flashy colors) and with patronage construction inspired by stalactites, the silhouettes will be visually intertwined with soft lines and velvety colors. Erotic underwear is also provided to cover sports suits.

A game that intertwines the cloakroom of the ski clothing and cloakroom more naughty and intimate, translated and reflected by what is worn above and below, inside and outside!

(You can see more pictures of the pre-collection right after.)

Why I need you?

To finance the materials simply! This is the primary goal of this campaign: the purchase of quality materials, mainly velvet, wool, organza, satin and more sporty technical fabrics. Then, of course, there will be haberdashery items: liners, buttons, zippers, belt loops, and so on. Not to mention the accessories (shoes, leather for bags, balaclavas, pearls, etc.) And if the campaign exceeds its objective, it will allow me to achieve a scenography worthy of the name!

My desire is also to make you enjoy my work and these beautiful materials through the counterparts! Thank you very much for your support !!!